Rangeview Parents & Friends

A Message from the Rangeview Parents & Friends


At Rangeview Primary School we have a very active and involved community of parents/guardians on the Rangeview Parents & Friends.


Our Committee sees itself contributing to the wellbeing of the school community as a whole and encourages parents to participate in the life of the school and the education of their children. We like to provide opportunities for parents to get to know each other and also to be informed about their child’s school.


We commit financially to the school budget, which assists in supporting the running of some programs within the school. We have also raised funds to purchase a variety of additions to the school. We consult with School Council, the Principal and teachers on what the yearly goals should be. The RCC is proud to have contributed to the purchase of the Interactive Whiteboards and pool of laptops and iPads over the past couple of years.


We organise many functions throughout the year aimed at both children and parents. Our purpose is not always to run each activity to fundraise, but to provide an enjoyable experience for the whole school community. We work closely with the Classroom Representatives of each grade to ensure everyone is involved, which makes the activities more social. During the year we run Mother’s/Father’s Day Stalls, whole school disco, hot food days, morning teas, icy-pole days, Subway lunches, School Fair and Gala Night. We also like to give our mums a special night out close to Mother’s Day and pamper them with chocolates, sparkling wine, entertainment, coffee/tea and supper.


We meet once a month, at times most suitable to fit in with work/other parental commitments.  Please see the news section in the Rangeview View weekly newsletter which outlines planned events and like our Facebook page 'Rangeview Primary School' to get the latest information.


We welcome all new parents to our Committee at any time and appreciate any level of involvement you choose to have. It's a great way to get to know other people in the school community and see how much students appreciate us being there.

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