BYO iPad Program @ Rangeview

2019 Rangeview Primary App Lists

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Any iPad Mini, iPad 2, iPad 4, iPad Air or iPad Air 2 is suitable, however an iPad with a higher memory (eg. 32GB or above), will allow more storage space for apps, photos, videos and may be more suited to your needs and longevity of use. 


iPads will need to be in a protective case with sturdy corners.  All students will need earphones or buds, Foundation students will be required to bring earphones only.



Pre-2017 History - BYO iPad Program

Rangeview Primary School implemented a 1:1 iPad program midyear in 2014 for the Foundation and Level 4 students.   

In 2016, the program opened to Foundation (beginning Term 3), Level 1, Level 4, Level 5 and Level 6.  The iPad program will continue to grow each year as the Levels move throughout the school.   In 2016, we will open the program up to all Level 2 and Level 3 students.


Students use iPad's to facilitate their learning across the Curriculum.  They will be able to present their learning through a variety of apps such as Explain Everything, Popplet and Book Creator.  We look forward to shaping the program as we grow and learn together.


Click here to download: Rangeview Frequently asked Questions


iPad Technical Question & Answer Forum

Many thanks to Dan Kerr (parent at Rangeview) for setting up an iPad Technical Question and Answer Forum accessible through CLICK HERE


To join click the Register button at top right of screen and follow the prompts.


Further Reading & Information

 Department of Education Victoria ‘iPads for Learning Trial 2011’

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