Rangeview Values

Rangeview Values -   Together We Learn


Click here to download the Rangeview 'Statement of Values 2015'





  • We accept and value our differences


  • We treat everyone with honesty and understanding


  • We use good manners


  • We look after our school and environment with care




  • We are a team and we work together


 We listen to each other and cooperate


  • We help to create a fun* learning community


  • We learn from and with each other




  • We care for ourselves, each other and our belongings


  • We take ownership of our actions and support each other


  • We make our school safe and happy*


  • We strive to always do our best


    • We are curious, inquisitive and creative


    • We take responsibility for our learning


    • We are willing to have a go and learn new things



*fun = stimulating and rewarding learning   
 * happy =  socially connected and engaged

January, 2014