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October 2014 Facilities update - There were a number of projects completed during the 2 week break, which has made a visual impact on the school - it is hard to miss!

Landscaping in the Foundation play area - gone is the compacted ground below the foundation play equipment replaced by vertical sleeper retaining walls, large mud stone rocks, planting and instant turf. The new sandpit is a work of beauty, enlarged and inviting. We will have to restrict access to the grass areas for 3 weeks to allow the new grass the best opportunity to grow. The students will be delighted when they can finally access all areas later in the term. The area below the newly placed portables has had a makeover with rocks, mulch and some planting and the improvement is evident (see photos opposite and more on the website)


Level 2 Portables - The portables placed near the Scott Street  entrance have been repainted and carpet has been replaced. The connecting decking has been completed and concrete pathways     will allow for all weather access. The classes are eagerly awaiting the move into their renovated or new classrooms. It will be in a few weeks time.


The server room has been extended into the library, taking a corner space. This additional space will accommodate the extra server towers required with the increased technology usage across the school.





Bike Shed - September 2013

Construction of the bike shed has started with the frame and footings on the north side of the main building. The roofing and fencing should be completed during the term break. This will provide a secure place for students to leave their bikes and scooters during the day. During the bike education program for Grade 5 and 6 the extra bikes will be corralled near the library.



New Portable Complex - 2013

The temporary fencing on the top basketball court was erected last week in preparation for the new portable coming on site this week. The repositioning of our two portables with this portable will happen early in term 4. During the term we anticipate that plans and tenders for the covering and closing in the space of the 6  classrooms will occur so that major works can happen during January if possible.

The lower asphalt area will be extended in 2014 to accommodate a netball and basketball court and therefore compensate for the loss of the top basketball court.







The facilities at Rangeview are well maintained and a key characteristic of the school is the supportive, interested and involved school community. Parents get involved willingly in class programs, fundraising and ground improvement initiatives.


There have been a number of projects undertaken and completed over the last 2 years. Works completed includes:

The demolition of the existing hall, building of a new school hall with a full sized basketball court, music and OSHC facilities  as well as replacement of the staff car park and classroom space

  • The renovation of the art room with new plaster, cupboards, painting, lighting, pin boards and new tables
  • The netting curtain in the hall and additional gallery kitchen benches and cupboards to create a teaching kitchen area for students, parents and the OSHC program
  • The exterior repaint of the school and the interior repaint including classrooms and hallways has added a fresh look to the school and matched the wonderful hall colours throughout the school
  • New pin boards and furniture in the corridors
  • The drainage works including clearing pits and investigating blockages
  • The remake of the veggie patch has been initiated by parents at our well attended working bees



Demolition of the old Hall




Making new garden beds




Painting of the hallway


Art Room


New ground painting


New Hall



New Hall



Preparing the new garden bed


 It's great to see so many families, with their children attend the various Working Bees throughout the year!