Transition Pre-school to Foundation 2020


Do you have a child commencing school in 2020?


Starting School is an exciting time. In the year prior to that BIG day Rangeview Primary School offers a full Transition Program to provide Pre-schoolers with positive School experiences.


This will help to prepare your child for Foundation/Prep next year. A natural and unstrained commencement to school is the aim of a successful kindergarten to school transition program. At Rangeview Primary we strive to foster a sense of positive familiarity and trust between incoming Preps and their families. This trust and familiarity is developed by our school through a program of planned contacts with pre-school children and their families.

Rangeview Primary School offers activity sessions for children and informative sessions for Parents which will assist you in your Child’s first years at school.


Contact Rangeview Primary School on 03 9874 6381 for more information or to book into School Tours, Information & Transition sessions.


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