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Myuna Farm Excursion - Friday, 27th May





Superheroes – by Mrs Julie Buisman (FB)


The Foundation students have been studying the 21st century skill of Character. This lead in from our study of “Me and my family”. The students need to be able to


positively meet the challenges and solve problems they face in learning and life. These skills also link to our Rangeview School Values of Respect, Responsibility, Teamwork and Learning.


The traits of Character are Grit, Determination, Perseverance and Resilience.


Superheroes show these traits in their quests and never give up until they have achieved their goals. The students brought along their Superhero toys and spoke about the positive Character traits of their Superhero. The students also spoke about their own Superheroes in their family or someone they knew. The students spoke about their uncles who were firefighters who show Character in the work they do. They spoke about Sports people who show Character in their pursuits to be the best at their given sport and many other Superheroes in their lives.


In class the students made capes, masks and vests. The capes included shapes with special meanings.


The star was: What I am good at.


The Circle was: When did I show Character and the traits of Grit, Determination, Perseverance and Resilience.


The Diamond was: What I want to learn this year.


The Square was: Our Rangeview School Values of Resect, Responsibility, Teamwork and Learning.


The students worked hard on the Character theme, culminating in our very Special assembly.




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Foundation’s Super Heroes

Look up in the sky – is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it is our Foundation students soaring into assembly on Monday in their colourful capes and masks,  led by our own superhero Captain AB. The classes have been looking at one of our 6Cs – Character through their Super Hero unit and made capes to demonstrate character traits and interests of each student.



Wow, 2016 has started really well with children settling into their new routine so smoothly.

Please read the Term News for all upcoming events; CLICK HERE for Term 2, 2016 News


Foundation events from 2015

 Swimming 2015

For the last two weeks of Term 3, Foundation students went swimming. We went on the bus every day. We were put into different groups to do swimming. We learnt how to do dolphin kick and blow bubbles. We jumped in the water. We had so much fun.



Grandparents and Special Friends Afternoon

Last term we had our grandparents and special friends come to visit us at school.  We got to show them what we do in Letterland.  We sang some of the songs.  We did some work with our grandparents.  We drew a picture of them.  It was funny.  We did a performance in the Hall.  We sang songs and did the actions too.  It was a great day.





School Production ‘Pirates of the Curry Bean’

In August, we were a part of the Level 5 and 6 production of ‘Pirates of the Curry Bean’.   We were the stars of the show and sang ‘Beneath the Same Starry Sky’.  We danced to Uptown Funk at the end.  We were very nervous but had lots of fun.




Billy Cart and Footy Day

Last term we had our first Billy Cart and Footy day. Some of us raced and all of us enjoyed cheering and singing the footy theme songs. We enjoyed watching our buddies and teachers race as well. What an exciting day!




Myuna Farm Excursion

Foundation students were full of excitement as they enjoyed their first excursion for the year to Myuna Farm. Students travelled to the farm by bus as part of their integrated unit for the term ‘What is a Farm and why do we have them?’

At Myuna Farm students learned about the different animals that live on farms, the produce provided by farm animals and how the farmers care for the animals.

Students experienced feeding the many animals in the paddocks, feeding the ducks, holding and patting the rabbits, guinea pigs and chicks and saw many interesting reptiles. Students even had a pony ride!

Some of the highlights also included the Farm Show, which starred a talking parrot and the train ride to visit the ducks.



Educational Technology at Rangeview

During Term 2 we introduced iPads to all Foundation classrooms. Every second week, each Foundation class had the use of 5 iPads. The aim was to start building a learning community that integrated the use of iPad technology as part of teaching and learning across Curriculum areas.

Before we started using iPads we had to establish rules around the use of iPads. To do this we focussed on our school value of Responsibility. Together we watched a video made by Prep S students in 2013 as part of the Rangeview Cyber-Safety Video Competition. The video titled “Oh My Goodness!” explained all the things we need to do to look after iPads. After watching the movie we made a chart to go up in our classrooms and drew pictures to demonstrate our learning.



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