Curriculum Foundation



Literacy is a key focus in the Foundation/Prep Classroom. Letterland is the innovative and fun way we learn about letters and the sounds they make. Many Literacy activities are based around the Letterland characters. We make Clever Cat masks with our grade 5/6 Buddies and have a hat parade around the school for the letter Hh. Rangeview has also combined the use of Letterland with the THRASS spelling program to give children the knowledge of how letters make up different sounds and the spelling choices needed to make those sounds.


Reading and Writing Workshop is a vital part of the Literacy program and many parents come regularly into the Foundation rooms to play Literacy games and help run activities with small groups. We run a Classroom Helpers course in October to give parent helpers information on how best to help children in our school and at home.


Foundation students have a wonderful time becoming mathematicians through games and the use of many and varied pieces of counting and sorting equipment. The Early Years Numeracy approach is used within our Foundation grades. We have a magnificent celebration of number on the 100th day of school. Foundation students love to use computers to show some of their great maths knowledge and we often integrate ICT into Maths lessons. 


What's Happening in Foundation/Prep?

At Rangeview Primary School we give students a happy, safe and stimulating environment in which to begin their learning. We are committed to giving students the best start to their school life.


Themes are used every term to incorporate Humanities, Science, Thinking Skills, Design Creativity and Technology.


Term 1 - Myself & My Family

Term 2 - The Farm

Term 3 - Amazing Toys and Technology/Cybersafety

Term 4 - Plants & Gardens


We have a fabulous Buddy Program where Foundation children are partnered up with one or two Level 5 & 6 children and they work together on special activities. The Foundation children love working with the older children and look forward to their sessions together each week. The older children serve as a role model for the Foundation students as well as being a familiar face in the playground. Activities involve things such as art and craft, cooking and also include a Literacy support program.

Information and Communications Technology

In each classroom we have an Interactive Whiteboard and access to a small group of desktop computers.  We also have an optional BYO iPad program which begins in Semester 2. We use a range of ICT tools to develop children's understanding in all areas of the Curriculum.


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