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Welcome to 2019

Level 1 & 2 Term 3 Newsletter
Level 1 & 2 Intensive Swimming Program 2019
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Welcome to 2018


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Welcome Back to Term 1, 2017!!!


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The level 1 students enjoyed going to the Gould League to participate in the 'Rapt In Recycling' program to learn about the topic 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle'.



Important Reminders:

  • Please remember that the school day begins at 8:55am and ensure that children are at line-up in time.
  •  If your child has not yet brought a cut-down and washed milk carton to school could this please be sent along as soon as possible? This will be used to plant sunflower seeds.
  • The Art teachers are still asking for any empty cereal boxes, 600ml plastic drink bottles, cardboard tubes, dried beans and rice. Please send along anything you have to the Art room.
  • Classroom teachers are also collecting small clean polystyrene trays and cotton wool to be used for planting wheatgrass seeds. Could these please be sent to your child’s classroom?
  • We are encouraging independence and resilience so it would be appreciated if parents leave children at line-up, rather than accompany them inside.
  • Many children have already completed this year’s Reading Challenge. Please keep the reading going so that your child is able to complete it too. This needs to be completed by the end of this term.
  • Please ask your child to check if tissues are needed for your classroom.  We really appreciate your help, particularly at this time of year when many of the children have colds.

Absences:  Please remember to send a note or call the office when your child is away from school. The office will pass the information on to your child’s teacher.



Dinosaurs Galore!

During term 2 the children in Levels 1 and 2 have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the world of dinosaurs. A highlight was an incursion with Dinosaur Diggers. The children were mesmerized by the tales told by the enthusiastic presenter. She told them how the dinosaurs lived and the new scientific discoveries that are still being made today. These discoveries are changing what we know about prehistoric life.


There was a chance for all of the children to examine and touch the replica fossils and to be amazed by the size of a Tyrannosaurus skull and the length of a Brachiosaurus. The length of the brachiosaurus was about the same length as a grade full of children lying down.


All of the children had a chance to dig for and keep their own bag of fossils, which was a fantastic ending to an exciting incursion.