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4A students reminisced when making their year 4 camp keepsake. Check out some of the Kidstagram updates!








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WOW, what a great excursion it was to the Melbourne Museum in May!




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Cranbourne Gardens Excursion Retells

Monday, the 15th of September 2014 by Olivia.

 I was at home, of course, but I forgot I was going there so I brought my normal stuff to school: Uniform (We had to bring that anyway!), drink-bottle (same) snack/lunch (always).

We got to school… BUT THE CLASS WAS GONE!!! I ran inside and I was just in time. I had to go to the toilet first – they had already marked the roll.

        The bus was boring… okay really boring, it took a long time. They must get lots of school visitors because they have lots of really big parking spaces (for buses). A helper named Emily and Tash, took us to the eating place, on the way there were streams that you could wade between the flags, a house with plants every were inside the house and heaps of stuff like that, a few things after the plant-house thing, we arrived at the place that we were going to eat so we ate snack. When I’d finished I went to Mrs. Joyce and asked if we could go on the play ground, Mrs. Joyce said “There’s no playground, sorry!” I was confused “But… behind you!” she looked behind her and said “Oh! I didn’t notice it! Sure! ... EVERYONE WHEN YOU HAVE FINISHED YOUR SNACK AND PUT YOUR BAG AWAY, YOU CAN GO ON THE PLAYGROUND!” so I went on the playground. I went on the slide and looked around but I liked the rock-pit (like a sandpit, but with rocks) best. I hid BIG rocks with the broken rocks with Emily K, but people wrecked it so we gave up. Then we had to go to the toilet because we were going to do our own look around.

        It was fun doing our own look around, here are some of the things we saw: waterfalls, Australian plants, a lake with these big white things (it looked like if we walked on them we’d sink right through them), top-of-a-waterfall, sandpit (an actual sandpit this time), a tree that looked and felt like it had snake skin for the bark on the tree, things that were like a lookout but instead, you saw a big lake, the SMOOTHEST water you will ever see, let me think… um… and heaps more. As I said before, there was a wading stream, after our look we took off our shoes and socks and waded in the stream. At first it was REALLY quite cold, but as we played ‘Who Can Get There First (a game were you jump from the highest square, and the first to each end of the flags) it started to get warmer then I got a leaf and played boat race, I followed it to the flag and watch it keep going, and I got another one.

       Later we went back to the place where we eat and had lunch, we weren’t allowed to go on the playground again because the other group hadn’t had their turns, instead they did the activities, so when we went to the toilet for the activities the boys played because Mrs. Joyce was gone, so they got into trouble. We went with Emily. Some of us got split for the activities because the group that went with Tash didn’t have as many in the group. We went to this place near the entrance with Emily, where she held out and passed around bones and we had to guess which animal it came from. We got sheets of their poo (scats, as they call them) and footprints. It took a really, really long time to get to the lookout there used to be a sand-dune higher then it is, it was really high, if you looked there, you would know what I mean! We went to the smelly garden and there were really strong and bad smells. We got to pick up some stuff. It was awesome.

The second and last activity was planting a plant, we got brown cups and there were other cups with the plants in them, we pulled them out and put them into our ones, we put some more soil in it-there was a table that we were doing planting on had lots of soil in the middle- then we went to the labeling table I grabbed the laminated paper and a red permanent marker (there was a box of permanent marker colors) and put my full name on it and we left

It was AWSOME!!!



             Cranbourne Gardens

We had to get ready for the excursion to The Royal Botanical Cranbourne Gardens.

At the end of our excursion we went to the lookout, on the way we looked for some tracks and scats. If you don’t know what scats means, it means animal pooh!!

Emily showed us where a wombat had been digging.

I found the animal stuff the best. On the way to the lookout we saw a dead bird and its chest was split in two. There was a sign that said “Snakes share these paths”.

There was a smelly garden, and on the way to the smelly garden we stopped to sit down on the shell pit.


Emily K 3J



                                                                                                                                                            On Monday the 15th of September, all of level 3 went to the Cranbourne gardens. We had to pack in a small bag: a water bottle, a sandwich, two pieces of fruit and a snack. When we got into to class we marked the roll and lined up at the door. We walked thru the school to get to Churinga Ave. We got on the bus. The main road we went on was the Eastlink.                                                                                                                                                               When we got to the Cranbourne gardens, we got off the bus and lined up. Then we meet a lady called Emily. She was very nice. She led us to the playground to have snack. After snack, we played on the playground.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    After playing on the playground, we walked around the garden. Here are some of the plants I saw. Common flat pea, Bottle tree, Kangaroo paw, Grass tree, Wattle, some Gum trees and the Spotted Emu Bush. My favourite plant was the Kangaroo Paw. After we did something called Scats and tracks. That means looking for poop and tracks! Then we planted our own Golden Belly buttons.                                                                             


When we got back to school, we packed our bags, put our chairs up and lay down on the floor. When the bell rang, we said good afternoon and went home. Some people took their plants home. I hope to go there when I am older.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    By Kaylin  

Cranbourne Gardens


On the 15/9/14 we went to bus to the Cranbourne gardens I sat next to my best friend Rohan .We played I spy and rock, paper, scissors .When we got there we met Emily and Tash.

We had Snack and then we played on the playground. We played tiggy and I did not get it at all 

We saw a fake desert and Emily told us that there are tiger snakes and black mambas in there so we were not allowed to go in there.


Tash showed us the treasure box. It had Wombat poo, Fox skulls and a Snake skin.

 Then we went wading through a creek. I was the one who could stay in the water the longest.                                                             

Then we had lunch. We didn’t get to go on the playground because it wasn’t our turn.            

We had activities and we planted Golden buttons.

By Bradley  



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Earth model project   By Amy       

In term 2 all the level fours made a project about how the earth rotates around the sun. It also showed how the earth is tilted at around 23 degrees and it rotates on its axis to make day and night. There were lots of different models. Some were small, some were big. When we were all done we displayed them near the office. It was a fun experience for all the level fours.



Science Works Excursion

On Friday the 13th of June 2014 level four went to Science Works. At science works we were put into groups of four People. First we went to the maths room. Poppy, Natalie and Poppy’s dad and I were building a cube. We also  built a couch.

After that we went to the Planetarium and instead of the screen being infront of us it was on the roof. So we layed down in the chairs. We watched a video about a boy and girl who go to space. They learn about the tilt of the earth.                                                                                                                                            

by Charli - L4



Level 3 have enjoyed their Intensive Swimming Program 



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Warrandyte Walk Excursion 2014

On our Warrandyte Walk, we went for a very long walk to look at the   animals, insects, plants and the erosion. There was a lot of wombat holes and   wombat poo too but that didn’t matter. Warrandyte Park is a very interesting   and lovely park. It may seem all broken and old but it’s very important to   the environment. We even saw kookaburras! By Lara.


After the Warrandyte Walk we had a barbecue. We had a play too. We   went to the Yarra River to have a stone throwing competition. Best rock to   throw is a flat rock. Everyone had a turn throwing a stone. Warrandyte Walk   excursion was really good. By Charlotte

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Level 3 Exhibition on Wetland Creatures - September 2013

Crazy Creatures on Display - On Tuesday the 10th of September, the grade threes and fours at Rangeview showcased their amazing wetland creations.

The student’s task was to make a wetland creature that was able to survive in a wetland environment, then bring them to school for the exhibition. Their creature also had to be made of recycled materials such as bottle tops, cardboard boxes, balloons and newspaper. The students came up with some wacky, wild, interesting, bright and spectacular designs. The classrooms were alive with vivid, eye-catching colours. It looked like rainbows had blanketed themselves over the classrooms. Bianca with her wetland creature.

Jake from grade three said “I spent a lot of time on my creature, it’s called the Snuffle and can spit poison.” Overall the exhibition was a success.     


Wonderful Wetland Walk -On Tuesday the 10th of September the Level 3 kids at Rangeview had a walk to view made up models of wetland creatures.

All children had to set up their model on their tables with information underneath and a question and comment sheet on the side. Some of the materials they used were milk bottles, forks, pipe cleaners, boxes, balloons, egg cartoons and many more bits and pieces. The children spent three weeks making these. The reason the children made them was because they were learning about wetlands. They looked colorful. Some were big and some were small, but they all looked awesome.

This is Sarah with her bird water walker. Mrs. St. Ruth said “I think the creatures were a big WOW!” So overall it went excellent.  


CREEPY CREATURES COME CRAWLING IN -At Rangeview Primary School on Tuesday 10th there was a creepy creatures’ war where all level 3’s made creepy creatures with creepy names. It was an amazing exhibition with lots of bugs!

Everyone had to make a bug/wetland creature out of recycled materials and lots of effort. Some used balloons others made scenes but they were all amazing! The level 3’s went to each classroom flitting in and out and running around having fun! Some of the bugs were really weird! The students made the creatures because they had been studying wetlands all term so to top it off they made bugs!


Amber a girl from grade 4 said “I liked them all but my favorites were the sparkly ones!” Overall it was an amazing experience!              



 Scrambled Eggs and French Toast


Classes take turns to look after the free ranging chickens, guinea pigs and rabbit. During the week they clean, feed and play with the animals. A highlight is collecting the eggs then cooking them. Scrambled eggs and French Toast mean that even a few eggs can feed a whole class. Students frequently write about the experience. Students used their five senses to describe having breakfast in the classroom.


“I can see the juice of the scrambled eggs soak into the toast. I can smell the runny mixture sizzling in the pan. I can hear sizzling butter. I can feel the clean grip of the knife and fork. I loved the soft chew of the egg and the awesome crunch of the toast.”


“When I cracked an egg I saw a whole heap of slimy egg drop into the bowl. I heard splashes of the egg yolk and the sizzling of the French toast.”