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Rangeview Primary School is committed to the eSmart program which is a whole-school system for cyber-safety and wellbeing.


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Rangeview Cyber-Safety Video Competition - September 2013- Please view the above winner entries!

A panel met to judge the school entries for this initiative which was made possible by a Telstra grant. The grant funded creative applications such as iMovie, Puppet Pals and Book Creator to be purchased for all iPads across the school. A children’s handbook teaching strategies to combat bullying, including cyber-bullying, were also able to be purchased with one copy provided for every class. Prizes have also been purchased for the winning entries which will be announced and viewed at the first assembly of Term 4.

Congratulations to all students who engaged in the task of writing and producing a cyber-safety message and thank you to the teachers who helped facilitate the entries. I wish to acknowledge the work by Alex Box with Ian Bunston and 2 parents, Andy and Paul who had the challenging task of selecting the winners. We continue to strive to heighten the awareness of cyber safety for our students.


You may have heard about some recent research released by Telstra that Australian children are among the highest internet users in the world.


It is important to educate children to be positive members of online communities. This requires the transference of key values, such as Respect and Responsibility, into the digital world.  Remind your children to play respectfully online, that if they wouldn’t do or say something in the real world, the same applies online. 


Also, remember that it is difficult to “undo” or “unsay” what you do or say online. Leaving an online trail (i.e. comments and photos) is called a digital footprint, so tread carefully and continue to be part of a positive and creative online community.   


An eSmart school is a school where the smart, safe and responsible use of information and communications technology is a cultural norm. Students, teachers and the wider school community are equipped to embrace the best these technologies can offer, while being savvy about the pitfalls. Students are regularly involved in developing and delivering information on the smart, safe and responsible use of technologies to a variety of audiences and are taught a suite of social and emotional skills. In eSmart schools, relationships are strong and supportive and learning outcomes are enhanced. Bullying and cyberbullying are therefore less likely to thrive.


This information and much more about the eSmart Schools Framework can be accessed at: https://www.esmartschools.org.au


More information about the eSmart journey at Rangeview can be found at: http://rangeviewesmartproject.blogspot.com.au/