Curriculum Level/Year 5 & 6

Curriculum Level/Year 5 & 6


Welcome to the Rangeview Primary School Level/Year 5 & 6 home page.


Listed below are programs and initiatives that operate within the level.

Term 1 - Space (Science)

Term 2 - Environmental Sustainability & Science (Energy transformation & Forces)

Term 3 - Civics and Citzenship & Australian History

Term 4 - Healthy bodies & Lifestyles/Bike Education


A variety of activities are undertaken and sometimes involve class rotations, exhibitions, excursions and guest speakers. Integrated experiences are based on Science, Humanities, Mathematics, Music, Visual Art and Health and Fitness. We adopt a team approach to planning and delivery of these topics.


Level/Year 5 & 6 at Rangeview Primary School is very exciting, as students have many opportunities to become involved in a range of stimulating activities.


Students engage in a variety of learning activities that:
enrich and stimulate their love of learning

 -  assist them in managing their own personal learning

 - encourage co-operative learning

 - build positive social relationships


They are encouraged to become aware of what is happening nationally and globally.


This year topics investigated include

Term 1 - Where is our place in space?

Term 2 - What is sustainability?

- What is energy and how does it transfer?

Term 3 - Where is that country? Off to the Olympics.

- How are we governed?

Term 4 – How does the world look at me?

- How can I remain safe?



This year sees the introduction of Rock and Water program across level/year 5 & 6. The building blocks of this program are self – control, self reflection and self –confidence. Students are taught how to stand firm and relaxed, body awareness, self awareness and communication. It involves the understanding of being unrelenting, uncompromising, co-operation and communication. The concept being rock is tough and immovable, water is mobile and communicative.