Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Rangeview Primary School offers an exciting Performing Arts Program.

All levels have one forty-five minute period each week. In class lessons all students have a lot of fun. They follow a developmental program, which includes singing, dancing, listening to different styles of music, playing instruments and participating in drama activities. The program is closely linked to work being studied in the classroom, making it relevant to the children and useful to the class teachers. We provide many new and engaging learning opportunities for students and regularly have incursions at school to showcase areas in the


Arts for all to enjoy.

We encourage all students to showcase their skills and develop their self esteem and confidence whenever they can. Our regular performances at assembly and wonderful X Factor competition at the School Fair is a great example of this.


We have an extensive instrumental program and a bank of instruments for hire. Students can learn a variety of instruments such as Violin, Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Saxophone, Percussion, Piano, Guitar and Keyboard. Lessons are taken in class time and after school by visiting the various instrumental teachers. We also offer three music groups - A School Band for instrumental students from Grade four to six.


A Senior Choir and a Junior Choir.

These music groups perform at many school activities throughout the year such as assemblies, the School Fair, Education Week Open Evening and Carols Night.  They also perform at local community events such as the Annual Oxfam Music Festival and perform for the local Kindergarten and Nursing Home.


School Band.

The school band comprises of woodwind, brass, string, piano and percussion students from Levels 3 to 6. Students rehearse every Monday morning at 8am. The band regularly participates in various school events such as weekly assemblies, Education Week Open Evening, Oktoberfest and the annual Carols evening. Other exciting events the band has been involved in include: Music Count Us In whole school performance, Whitehorse Oxfam Music Festival and a combined band workshop and performance with the Vermont Primary School Band.


The band provides instrumental students with the opportunity to perform in an ensemble setting and extend their musical abilities. It is also a great cross-age learning experience for the students.



Some 6M students have been teaching their foundation buddies how to play the ukulele. It was a fun session for all.