Visual Arts

Exciting news in the Art room! We now have our very own Art blog. This includes information and photos of student art work and any special news.


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Visual Arts


The Visual Arts program at Rangeview encourages the development of imagination, creativity and skills in students by exploring ideas and experimenting with a range of art forms. Students’ ideas are inspired by themes studied in the classrooms, books, artworks, personal experiences, observations and feelings about themselves and their world. The Art forms that all students engage in at Rangeview are painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, threads and textiles, construction and collage.


The Visual Arts program is based on the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS), which outlines a practical and theoretical curriculum. The standards in the Arts Domain are organised in two dimensions: “Creating and Making” and “Exploring and Responding” (Art Appreciation and Art History).


The Visual Arts program at Rangeview is highly valued and supported. We are proud of our art program and how it engages students in critical and creative thinking. Students’ artwork is displayed and celebrated in the foyer and corridors of the school, in the classrooms and in community displays and events.


We also exchange artwork with Yokosuka Elementary School in Japan. Yokosuka is in the city of Matsudo, which is the sister city to the City of Whitehorse. In 2003, on Green Tree Day, we also had a cultural exchange between the two schools. Rangeview planted a Japanese flowering cherry in a specially prepared Japanese garden, and Yokosuka planted a red callistemon or red bottlebrush in its school garden. Both plants are thriving and are a constant reminder of the friendship bond between our two schools.






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