Wir lernen deutsch!

All students from Foundation to Level 6 are involved in the German Program. Students visit the German room for a 45-minute lesson each week, where they are immersed in the German language. Our German teachers Frau Ulrike Lindner and Frau Helga Shaw conduct all lessons in German, and provide students with the opportunity to experience German language and culture through a variety of activities including games, songs, books, videos and computer programs.


Special activity days and events throughout the year provide further opportunities for students to extend their German language skills and appreciation of other cultures/traditions.




These include:

• Schultüten for the Foundation children (colourfully decorated cones traditionally filled with special treats and stationery items given to German students on their first day of school)

• German Poetry Competition

• Prep German Morning Tea

• Oktoberfest

• Level 6 Lunch at the Cuckoo Restaurant

• German Christmas Carols


As Rangeview is a member of the Knox Area Network (KAN), students are provided with the opportunity to meet other German students from local primary and secondary schools and to participate in joint activity days, excursions, cross-age tutoring and competitions. Every effort is made to ensure a smooth transition from primary to secondary school through close interaction and communication with local secondary colleges.


The Australian German Teachers of Victoria Inc (AGTV) have put together a fabulous website that has an enormous amount of information about the teaching and learning of German in Victoria and other useful information regarding things German. Check it out, na los!

You can access many interactive German language activities here:



The Foundation students enjoyed their ‘Schultüten’. A nice way to end their first week at school!   

Schultüte have been in existence since the early 1800s in  Germany, in some regions they are known as ‘Zuckertüte’ ( sugar bag), because they are filled with treats to celebrate the first day of school. These days, we are more health-conscious, so some nice school supplies, stickers, and healthy treats help keep the Schultüte healthier!


If you want to support your child’s learning of German at home, you might like to access some internet sites:

Languages online is a Victorian government site for learning    languages, and this site is often used in class: Bayswater Primary School has a collection of suitable websites on their Curriculum Page – German with lots of language links: A treasure trove for students, teachers and the community is the Australian German Teachers Victoria (AGTV) website: Please do not hesitate to make an appointment with either Frau Lindner or myself to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.


Wie heiβt du?  (What’s your name?)

We have a new German puppet in the German Room. The puppet does not have a name yet and Frau Lindner and I are hoping that students will help find a name for the puppet.


Students will be able to submit a name to their German teacher and then Frau Thaler, Frau Lindner and Cape, our German captain, who will choose three names from the students‘ submissions. Students will then be able to vote for their favourite name, and the name with the most votes will be given to the puppet. Looking forward to your suggestions,





Some Foundation/Level 1 - Term 1 Activities:


Special Event:

Foundation children receive a Schultüte at the end of their first week at school!

In term one, the Preps learn some basic German greetings :

“Guten Morgen” = Good morning “Guten Tag” = Hello, good day

“Guten Abend” = Good evening “Gute Nacht” = Good Night

“Hallo.” = Hello “Auf Wiedersehen” = Good bye

“Tschüß“ = Bye

You can listen to most of these greetings at the following website page:

They learn to introduce themselves: “Ich heiße ….. “ = My name is …..

You can listen to an introduction at the following website page:

They learn to count from 1 – 10. You can listen to the numbers from 1 - 10 at the following website page:

They begin learning the names of colours in German. You can listen to the colours at the following website page:

They write an Easter card in German.

They learn the names of some body parts by singing the German version of “Heads and shoulders ...”

Term 2:

In term 2, the preps revise all they have learnt in term 1.

They learn

the German greeting for “How are you?” and the answer “Good, thanks.” the question “What day is it today?” and the answer “Today is …”Using the story of “The very hungry Caterpillar”, the preps learn the names of the days of the week and then learn about some farm animals in German, following their Integrated Studies theme.the German song “Alle meine Entchen” (All my little duckies)

They write and decorate a Mother’s Day card.

You can listen to the names of the days of the week here:

Frau Gürlich with a grade 1 class







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